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Our modern cloth diapers feature an outer layer made of Polyurethane laminate material, providing a comfortable, durable, and waterproof cover to ensure the diaper and your child are well-protected. The inner layer, crafted from soft suede cloth, not only prioritizes your little one’s comfort but also effectively wicks away fluids from their skin and into a pocket situated between the outer and inner layers, where the insert is placed. This insert serves to keep the fluids away from your child’s buttocks, ensuring they stay dry.

Our diapers are designed to be one size fits all, offering various sizing options to accommodate your growing baby.

Additionally, these diapers are equipped with double gussets to prevent any leakage.

To achieve maximum absorbency, we recommend washing them a couple of times before initial use.



Easy to use with our snap fastenings

Leak free with our double gusset prevention plus super absorbent material

Designed to adapt and evolve alongside your child.


Outer Layer: Polyurethane laminate material

Inner Layer: suede cloth


Washing & Care

Our cloth diapers are machine washable, all you need to do is follow the below 5 easy steps!

Step One: Deposit all solids out of the diaper into the toilet.

Step Two: Remove the insert front he diaper and put it in one of our wet-bags or even a dry bucket or bin.

Step Three: Place dirty diaper, inserts and wet bags on a cold prewash.

Step Four: Place diapers, inserts and wet bags on a 60 degree warm wash.

Step Five: Air dry diapers, inserts and wet-bag or tumble dry on low if needed.

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