Daisy Diapers meet Australian standards AS/NZ 4146:2000 for thermal disinfection while using High Quality European cleaning system. To meet the standard for thermal disinfection yo are required to clean at minimum temperature 65oC for 10 minutes, we maintain temperature of 66oC for 15 minutes to ensure our diapers are not only clean but sanitized. We also use thermal disinfection during our drying process, this ensures that there is no bacteria on our diapers and inserts.

Common Leak Problems

Things you should know when looking for solutions to your of your leak issues:


If you have a leak check the following, check your inserts. Are they soaking wet? Are there any dry sections? Are they wetter at on end more than the other?

If you insert is soaked through it means you diaper insert Cloth Nappy does not have enough absorption to keep up with how much your baby wees. 

Suggestions to fix: Change your baby more often.  You can add an extra insert to add some extra absorption.  You can move your insert out of the pocket and put it closer to your baby skin for faster absorption.

If your inserts are damp or dry at one end: This then looks like you may have a fitting issue.

Check the elastics on the legs are snug. You don’t want them to have any gaps. 

If you have a little boy, ensure you have his penis pointing down, when fitting the nappy.

Ensure that your inserts are fitted nice and flat, without any gaps, or folded sections

What about the poo?

Poo is nothing to be concerned over. It literally happens, in all kinds of ways, hard blobs, sultana drops and even the odd explosion!!! Don’t be afraid…

There are a number of ways to get solids off diapers. We recommend using a scraper to help scrap any solids off the diaper into the toilet. If you happen to have an explosion we ask that you give diaper a quick rinse and get as much of the evidence off the diaper and simply fold up and place in wet bag. We will deal with the rest. We will provide you with a box of dry liners that you can use as a liner in your diaper (not to be flushed) or simply wet and use as a wet wipe. Our dry wipes are biodegradable.

How do you clean your diapers??

We clean all our Diapers to AS/NZ 4146:2000. We thermally clean our diapers and only use detergents that are downstream friendly and we test our loads to ensure that ph-neutral outcome is achieved.

Nappy Fitting tips