Where it all began

Did you know??

An average baby uses around 6750 diapers from birth to toilet training!! In the first year alone it around 2970 diapers!

That Victoria has approximately 76000 births per year, if all of those babies used disposable diapers that would be an astounding 222,720,000 diapers going into landfill!! With each of those diapers taking anywhere from 300 to 500 years to decompose!!!! That’s not including the children that already use disposables.

With every disposable diaper going into landfill, most (if not all) will have solids wrapped in them (yes I mean poo). As a result, when the diapers are placed into landfill, certain bacteria and viruses are at risk of soaking in to our groundwater and causing subsequent contamination problem. There is a good reason our waste usually goes into the toilet, it is treated and sanitized before going back into our environment

Not to mention the manufacturing impact on our environment. Disposable nappies require large volumes of pulp, paper, plastic and other raw materials in the manufacturing process and hence, significant amounts of water and energy are used. This contributes to energy waste and pollution on a large scale and also links to other problems associated with deforestation and non-sustainable sourcing.


We knew that there is a much better way, but with disposables diapers being so easy to use how could we help make the change for families to change over to cloth diapers. We can clean them!! This is essentially how Daisy Diapers was born, we felt that there are so many families who would love to make more sustainable choices, but where either time poor and could not manage to find the time to wash the diapers or families could not afford to start the cloth nappy journey. We are here to help either way.