Cloth nappy leaks

Things you should know when looking for solutions to your leak issues:

  • Cloth Nappies should be changed every 2-3 hours.  Disposable nappies are usually every 3-4 hours.  This is because disposable nappies use a chemical gelling agent to absorb liquid whereas cloth diapers use rely on the cloth for absorption, so if you compare the difference in the amount of liquid that a single nappy can hold, Cloth Nappies are usually slightly less.  A small price to pay to reduce landfill.
  • When fitting your cloth diaper, it is really important to make sure that you start up nice and high on bubs back. You can adjust once the nappy is fitted, but this just ensures that the crotch area (where the inserts sit), is pulled close to bubs crotch. For efficient absorbency, the inserts need to be sitting nice and close to bub. If the back of the nappy is sitting too low, this will make the crotch sag, and bub will have a big gap between them and the inserts, leaving room for leaks.
  • A nice snug, comfy fit is what you want, make sure that the elastic is well in the babies undie line.. 
  •  Ensure that the inserts are fitted nice and flat – any folded edges could create a non-absorbing gap and lead to leaks

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